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    Why do they need to trade either of the RBs?

    Neither Lindsey or Freeman is making significant salary. Lindsey should arguably get a one year bonus due to his contributions and the first one with a new contract next season. And what exactly would you expect back in trade?

    Depth is a good thing and carrying three RBs is expected. And they will all get their chances to shine over the course of a long season. Compete and earn your touches. Gordon needs to prove himself after his very average season last year IMO.
    There is no reason to get rid of Freeman. Considering the cap min we would actually pay more for him not to be on the roster once we figure his low dead cap hit and the min to get another player.

    We could probably save a little over 100k by getting rid of Lindsay assuming his replacement was playing for the min but why....his talent is worth way more than 100k.

    So ya...absolutely no reason to get rid of either back.

    IMO even as RB3 Freeman will get some reps and considering both Lindsay and Freeman will probably miss some time it is likely Freeman will be RB2 at some point this season.

    Far better to move on from this point being set at RB and just looking for some camp body competition imo
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