I absolutely love what Elway has done but feel heís a few key moves away from putting together the perfect offseason. Im going bold here and predicting Johnny has 1 more trick up his sleeve!

A few more FA signings;
Looks like after the Gordon deal we are sitting on roughly 15 million in cap space, not enough to break the bank on anyone, but enough to fill a couple holes.

OT Ty Sambrailo (1 yr 1.5 mill)
We badly need depth at the tackle position. Sambrailo, we know him well. He started in Atlanta and did pretty well. He is a great option at swing tackle and quality depth for cheap.

DT Ethan Westbrooks (1 yr 850 k)
Cheap depth and a bargain for a key contributor to Rams defensive success. He makes for a nice rotational player.

OLB Jeremiah Attachou (1 yr 2 mill)
A nice bump in pay on a ďprove itĒ type deal. Heís too valuable as that #3 pass rusher to let walk.

CB Pierre Desir (3 yrs 15 mill)
Hi becoming available has Elway scrambling. We need 1 more CB for Fangioís dime sets. This dude can flat out ball.

Wolfe and Harris get signed elsewhere at more than we want to pay.



Here is my projection on how the top 7 picks of the draft play out.

1. Cincy- QB Joe Burrow
2. Skins- DE Chase Young
3. Panthers trade up- QB Tua Tagovailoa
4. Giants- CB Jeffrey Okudah
5. Dolphins- OT Mechi Becton (after they sign Winston, they donít pick a QB here)
6. Chargers- QB Justin Herbert
7. Cardinals ?????

Elway falls in love with a player and th Cardinals are looking to move out after their LT is gone. The deal looks like this;

We get pick #7
Cardinals get pick #15, #46, and TE Jeff Huerman
According to the value chart, which I know isnít official, we would be overpaying for this deal but John wants what he wants and he gets his man. Everybody speculates Ruggs here, Johnny throws a curveball and gives into Vic!

1. (#7) LB Isaiah Simmons (Clemson)
Wow, this is a surprise. Not really, we have a defensive minded coach and a gaping hole opposite A.J. Johnson, sorry Davis is a turd. Elway has never really valued the ILB position but heís never had a chance at a guy like Simmons and Vic Fangio is his HC. With guys like Kelce, Waller, and Henry in our division we need a guy like Simmons. Heís a generational talent and will be key in stopping a Patrick Mahomes led offense.

3. (#77) DL Jordan Elliott (Mizzou)
We add much needed depth on the d-line here. Casey, Purcell, and Jones are penciled in as starters while DeMarcus Walker and Ethan Westbrooks handle rotational duties. Elliott just adds to that.

3. (#83) S Jeremy Chinn (So. Illinois)
I simply canít get off this pick. This kid is a baller and replaces Will Parks role on our defense and special teams. Quite simply, he winds up being the #3 Safety.

3. (#95) WR Devin Duvernay (Texas)
Hereís a burner for ya. This kid had PR potential and could be a nice deep threat with the right coaching. Heís not quite Ruggs but heís a nice project with a ton of upside.

4. (#118) WR K.J. Hill (Ohio St)
Steady Eddy here. This dude has been ultra productive in college and could be the same for us. Hill, Duvernay, Hamilton, Patrick, Winfree, and Spencer give us a slew of young WRs to pair with Sutton. The TC competition will be fierce.

5. (#178) C Jake Hansen (Oregon)
More depth for the interior line. Hansen is a steal at this point and with Munch coaching him up could prove to be a starter by year 2-3. Nice find here.

6. (#181) OT Yassir Durant (Mizzou)
Depth at the OT position.

7. (#237) DL Khalil Davis (Nebraska)
7. (#252) LB Michael Divinity (LSU)
7. (#254) P Braden Mann (Tex A&M)

Sir Elway is a genius, and this offseason proves it! Whatcha think?