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Hauerman. Miller;5877622]https://www.milehighreport.com/2020/...-two-year-deal

I'm confused, based on how klis Twitter post read it was front loaded contract not reverse. If it is and the 2nd yr is not guaranteed at all then I'm all for it. Definitely a much better blocker than Hauerman. And a cheaper option.
History has shown me pretty much all reporters know less about how contracts and the cap works than people who have put the effort to understand on these forums.

In my experience looking at these two websites below and understanding what their breakdown means is far better than what any reporter has to say about contracts and caps. Part of it is teams and agents put out reports that make them sound good and reporters tend to re-post that info. Part of it is the websites below do not get the info they need or they are slow to update it ... which is bad for reporters because they want to break the news asap.