Letís just say we are done adding players prior to the draft. Also letís say Elway swings and misses on trading up for his coveted WR and stays put at 15. Hereís what a draft might look like.

1. (15) DT Javon Kinlaw (SC)
Been doing some research on this kid and wow, I never realized how good he actually is. Heís got the size and strength to be a Malik Jackson type player down low. Him, Casey, Purcell, and Jones will make for an awesome rotation on the d-line, which in turn will let Miller and Chubb thrive.

2. (46) WR Laviska Shenault (Colo)
With his injury history he will drop a tad. I think this is about the ideal spot for him. Nobody is better with the ball in his hands and he will add another explosive element to our offense.

3. (77) C Tyler Biadasz (Wisc)
So we donít know what weíre doing with Glasgow yet. He can play Center or Right Guard and do both well. By drafting this kid we add more depth and versatility to our interior line.

3. (83) S Jeremy Chinn (So. Ill)
We need to replace Will Parks and this guy is it. Great athleticism and ball skills. Can fill that role in dime and cover TEs when needed.

3. (95) OT Jack Driscoll (Auburn)
Hereís our swing tackle. This kid is under talented and offers great versatility. Plenty of experience in SEC so heís faced the best for 4 years.

4. LB Logan Wilson (Wyoming)
5. WR Lynn Bowden Jr (Ky)
6. OLB Kenny Willekes (Mich St)
7. CB Lavert Hill (Mich)
7. QB Cole McDonald (Hawaii)

There ya go!