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    Biggest Needs Going into the Draft?

    Like many of you, I'm at home board with no sports and all I can do is daydream about the upcoming draft.
    My humble opinion on the draft:
    For the first time in a long time I am excited about our QB going into the season.
    I also like our RB, TE, Safety, OLB's, and D linemen groups.

    The biggest needs imo are WR#2 &3 , RT, C, CB, and LT.

    LT is probably more important than RT but James hasn't given us any reason to believe we will see him play more than a half of football. Finding quality after the top 4 is hard.

    I think our biggest hole is at WR, where I believe in Shurmur's offense alot of 3 receiver sets. We will need not one but two upgrades at the position. Hamilton and Patrick are good depth players who can play Special teams. In this draft I want to see us take 2 receivers within the first 4 rounds (6 picks). We also need to bring in a tackle and a center who can compete and eventually start.

    My Mock Draft (used The Draft Network Simulator)
    Rd /Player /School
    1. WR Jerry Jeudy Alabama ( the top 4 tackles all are gone) Elway's Bama pick!
    2.CB Jaylon Johnson / UTAH
    3. C Tyler Biadasz / Wisconsin
    3. T Ben Bartch / St. John
    3. Akeem Davis-Gaither / Appalachian St,
    4. WR/RB/ Returner Antonio Gibson / Memphis (Swiss Army Knife)
    5. WR Tyrie Cleveland / Florida
    6. S/CB Shyhiem Carter Alabama (Elway takes another after Carter falls)
    7. T Charlie Heck North Carolina
    7. NT Darrion Daniels Nebraska

    Let me know what you think, and feel free to add or take away from the mock or share your own. Appreciate your opinions, and criticism. Thank you in advance.
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