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Are you saying every UDFA is the same and has the exact same motivations? I don't believe that for a second. As I posted above about "smart businesses" (a classic "plea to authority" logical fallacy) most smart people will have a list of pros and cons.

Lindsay has outperformed his contract on a historical level doing things no other UDFA in NFL history has done like rushing for 1000 yards in his first two seasons and being named to the Pro Bowl as the first O UDFA rookie to ever do so. Sometimes there are exceptions to "standard operating procedure" and this is one.

Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should.

PS. Lindsay signed with the Broncos because his mom recommended he stay home. Anyone that knows Taz knows he felt he'd make any team that signed him. Confidence was never his problem.
I think very few UDFA players will care about Lindsay's situation when they choose which team to sign with. Why would they care about his situation? They'll care about their chances of making the team and their chances of getting playing time if they make the team, not some other player's contract.