i feel this is needed. to many people are talking bad about him. he is a great player. probably a first ballot Hall of famer
he is the Broncos Sack leader all time(106.5)
he is tied at 25 all time nfl history for sacks
he is one of 10 Defensive players to be named Super bowl MVP
he is one of the top pass Rushers in the nfl
he is probably (at least should be) a first ballot HOFer
he will make the broncos ring of fame for sure
he is the best pass rusher the broncos has ever had
He is a good guy and has helped denver and the community sense he has been here.
he is a leader of the team

Thank you Von Miller for all your hard work, a mile Salute goes to you

PS this is a positive thread about miller please don't post negitive things. this is about appreciating his time as a bronco and the thrills he has given us as one of the best pass rushers of this past decade,