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    2020 NFL Draft. Rank your top 5 WRs.

    This is my top 5 in my order, I know many of you will disagree but it’s my own personal formula that brought me to this current order.

    I actually have 6 WRs listed because I couldn’t not leave CeeDee lamb out but I know many of you will disagree with where I have him ranked.

    1. Jerry Jeudy 6/1, 192 LBS.
    77 REC, 1163 YDS, 10 TDS, 15.1 AVG. Jeudy play on the field speaks for itself, there ain’t much I can say, we all know he’ll be great. Maybe not Julio Jones or Megatron but he’ll be great!

    2. Denzel Mims 6/3, 215lbs, 66 rec, 1020 yds, 12 TDS, 15.5 avg. In my mock I have DENVER taking Ruggs at 15 because I believe that’s who they’ll pick but my choice would be Denzel Mims. He’s big, he’s fast, and he has Rod Smith like hands, Better!

    3. Justin Jefferson 6/3 192lbs. 111 rec, 1540 yds, 18 TDS, 13.9 avg. Slightly behind Mims but id be satisfied with Denver choosing him as well.

    4. Henry Ruggs 6/0 190lbs. 40 rec, 746 yds, 7 TDS, 18.6 avg. fastest player in college football, perhaps he can become Tyreek Hill in the right offense.

    5. Chase Claypool 6/4 229lbs. 66 rec, 1037 yds, 13 TDS, 15.7 avg. Claypool is the 2020 version of DK Metcalf!

    6. CeeDee Lamb 6/2 191lbs. 62 rec, 1327 yds, 14 TDS, 21.4 avg.

    Again I know you guys are going to strongly disagree with me placing CeeDee lamb here at 6 especially with a 21.4 avg but at this time I think he has somethings to work on in his transition to the pros. I know he’ll get better, however this is were I am ranking him on my list in comparison to his peers at the current time.
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