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Thanks for posting. I have also been reading a lot of good stuff on Pittman. I watched some of his highlights. His ability to track the ball is fantastic. Starting to like him more in the second. I think the comparisons to JuJu are not bad
Thx....and given your comment, and the fact a few other names get thrown around often, this comes back to what we were almost all saying months ago....this is one heck of a WR draft year!!!!

There are many variables as to 'deep' vs 'not deep' drafts. In this case, anyone in need of a WR wins. There may be demand but there is ample quality supply. BUT even teams who are not in need could prosper, because when they select in round 3 or even 4, there might be a really good WR still there. So, based on the BPA model, that's the time to strike.

Conversely, although we might have to move up a little to land one of the so called top 3 (if we go WR in 1), I think it unwise for any team to overspend on a receiver this year. By that I mean, do not trade up much, or do not jump at an early round WR if you need a good one, but 2nd tier level. It's like buying a stock when it's near peak. Be patient.