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Your right on Queen, most mocks have him around 24 to the Saints, although some have him top 10 like the CBS mock a few days ago. The blurb on Queen was -

Queen isn't often mocked in the top-10, but he should be. Queen can do it all as a three-down linebacker with blitzing capabilities who is best used as an off-ball LB.

Murray is moving up draft boards and will go higher then some people think. I only have him at 19 but I have seen a few mocks where we grab him at 15.

I guess with mocks there are always selections in the draft that people see as a surprise, its predicting which players will go higher/lower then the general consensus.
if queen and simmons both go super early. i think the ravens will be looking to trade up for Murray. he is the ideal fit at ILB for them.