I was looking at an early, early 5 round Fantasy Football mock draft by Fabiano, which has Sutton in the 4th round, and Gordon in the 5th....but no Lindsay. He probably was going early in the next round, so odds are they were very close.

For reference, the rules are: This mock draft is based on a 10-team league with a PPR scoring system that rewards four points for touchdown passes and six points for all other touchdowns (rushing, receiving)


This is not a fantasy thread, rather an opinion of who we see being the more productive player this season. By productive I would say, the player who has more total yards, and downs used. TDs are important as well, but a back can be played much less and still get more TDs. I'll let you all be the judge of production

My gut tells me it will be as close to a 50/50 split as can be expected, but a healthy Gordon might get more touches. However if Lindsay looks healthier/stronger/faster, he will carry more of the load.

What's your take?

(Normally this would be a thread for later in the offseason, but other sports are not exactly happening)