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    I like the idea of having 2 good HB's to establish the run game, and with these 2 guy's there is a good chance of that happening!
    (We basically traded Chris Harris for Melvin Gordon)
    And saved a few bucks doing so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RocketArm006 View Post
    Injuries are part of the game. Not really a negative assessment. If this offense can start averaging around 24 points a game, Iíll be happy. I honestly donít care how they get there. A good running game and o-line are usually a good start.'s like many aspects in life, the formula does not have to be the best (in the eyes of some), it's the outcome that matters. I think of it as in financial terms. A person may not have one solid income source, but multiple smaller ones. The outcome may be exactly the same though not the "prescribed" way.

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