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I think we will see...something. Doubtful its a full season though. Maybe a shortened season.

Make no mistake though, there is a very real chance there will be nothing at all.
I can't believe some people think a season that begins in Aug and Sep (TC included) could be in trouble. I know we live in the age of mass drama and over-reaction but still..................

Over here in the UK it has been talked about that April will be the peak, and the businesses and schools are looking to go back in early May. May will see a slow recovery of things opening gradually, but come June and July I expect things to be largely returned to normal.

Without going into the whole situation again it is all over the news here about the damage it is doing to businesses, sports clubs, and peoples social and mental well-being, they will extend this lockdown throughout April as there is no choice but there is absolutely no way the lockdown can extend into May, it is just not feasible nor sustainable.

Football clubs here are hoping to start games in June and have fans back in late June, early July.

If all mass gatherings are closed including festivals, theatres, sports, etc........ for months on end then it will destroy the economy and thousands of jobs and businesses, it cannot happen.

Once people are back working and at school they will go out to the cinema, restaurants, theatres, sports, shops, beaches, holidays, etc............ and start mixing with everyone again, then life will start getting back to normal.

We are about a month behind China who has started to get back to normality, the US are a few weeks behind us.

I know Trump wants things back very soon and that may be unlikely but my guess is you will have the NBA season played behind closed doors, then the playoffs will have fans..... probably sometime around July at the latest. The NFL season is months away and will be absolutely fine.

Health will always come first but there has to be a balance between that and getting back to normal as soon as possible for social and economic reasons.

This is a serious virus as it is new and unknown, but some people need to keep some perspective. People die every day, death and illness did not start with this virus, 150,000 people die every single day in the world but it is not splashed across the news and social media every day so people do not see or hear about it. The sad truth is that there are many dangers and illnesses in the world and this will not stop when this new virus runs its course, but life cannot be stopped for long because of it.