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    Here is an interesting link:
    Click on COVID-19 projections, pull down for individual states and scroll down to see national and state-by-state data on: hospital resources; deaths per day; and, total deaths.

    There is the peak and the descent from the peak. Problem is the states are all peaking at different times. Data is based mostly on testing and that is very uneven as well, because they have dealt with it in their own ways without a great deal of national support especially early on. Mitigating measures are also uneven which may result in late peaking states spreading back to those that peaked earlier. The medical resources of each state are also different which affects their abilities to contain and treat the spread.

    We shall see how accurate projections are going forward. Whether or not there is a seasonal effect on the presence and spread of the virus remains to be seen, wishful thinking notwithstanding. As far as I can tell, the US is experiencing the greatest outbreak of COVID-19, if shared data is accurate. Community/person-to person spread is the risk with large gatherings being the greatest.

    As far as the football season is concerned, testing everyone with whom players and coaches come into contact seems a daunting, almost impossible task. There are and will be pressures from a number of different directions to initiate the steps to start the season. It seems at this point about 50/50 that will happen. If a return to the status quo ante occurs, don't be surprised if COVID is still a health risk with serious results possible due to its contagious nature.

    A vaccine which addresses all mutated forms of the virus will be the ultimate solution provided that everyone on the planet receives it regardless of profit motives. It's a global health issue from which some will try to profit, but we shall see.
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