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Not to mention the convenience factor. You don't have to fight traffic, you don't have to dedicate an hour before and after the game to get to and from. You can do whatever you need to do, or watch another game, until the game starts. Then once it does you can sit back and relax. During commercials you can flip to other games or check out stats etc. And if you need to step away for a second for something, you can pause it until you get back. And of course there's no lines waiting for anything.

I used to love going to Flames games, I probably went to close to 20 during the peak of my in-person viewing. This year I went to 2 and was happier watching the other games at home. I'll probably go to a game or two when they open the new building, especially once my son is old enough to go, but until then, viewing games at home is my favourite option.

Watching at home doesn't capture the true electric feel of the crowd, such as one of the hockey games I went to this year that was considered a game of the year candidate league wide. But that's really the only advantage a live game has to watching at home.
Nothing can beat a good football trip...a good group going, drinks, the whole,stadium experience is unbeatable..

But... the game, to watch, is far more enjoyable on TV..and wayyyyy cheaper..