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if we go WR in the second i hope we get Hamler. his Film is so fun to watch he has the most Tyreek Hill like skills with the starts and stop and short area quickness in the class. with his long speed and his quickness his floor is a Branden Cooks type player his Cieling is a Tyreek hill. i love this kid.
Hamler resembles Tyreek Hill the most out of any WR in this class, IMO. My only concern is that he does not high point the ball in the air consistently and his 36.4% contested catch rate is underwhelming. Also his 16.9% drop rate would have BCMB up in arms (12 drops/70 catchable). However, I trust that Shurmur utilizes Hamler to his strengths and makes use of his elite short-area quickness. Fortunately, we have Sutton who can make those red-zone grabs with his insane catch radius, so Hamler shouldn't be asked to make those plays necessarily.

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If brown Slides to 15. that almost a draft dream our line is fixed.

Walker/Jones Purcell Brown as the future
Casey is gonna play it now and maybe harris, but i think brown beat out Harris. and he becomes a depth guy for brown and Purcell on more passing downs.

like i said i would go Hamler over Aiyuk any day of the week. even if had to give up a third but i think i would probably go OT over MLB and Lynn bowden jr. Bowden has Eldemen like skills with quickness but he is faster then Eldemen i really want to pick up him late to put pressure on Hamilton to Preform
Brown at #15 would be a dream! That would be 3 years in a row that Elway gets a stud in the 1st round. I see Brown and Dre'Mont Jones as the starting DL of the future, with Chubb and Miller on the edge for years to come. I'm not to keen on adding a WR4/5 in the 3rd or 4th round. I get applying pressure to Hamilton, but I have confidence that Hamilton will be our 2020 WR3 and slot receiver. Not to mention that we have Tim Patrick who is not bad by any means. I was considering OT in the 3rd round. At #77, Peart was available. I like him a lot as a developmental OT.