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Would be a bold and out of character move for Elway to take a LB in the first couple rounds. Not seeing it.

My personal favorite would be Troy Dye with a late 3rd. Maybe the 4th? Undersized but makes plays. would be a great coverage LB in certain coverages for a season as a backup. Hopefully can earn the starting spot as he develops.
I re-visited Elway's draft patterns and browsed old threads on here... and quite frankly, I don't think Elway values LBs early at all. Elway trading out of #10 last year and passing on Devin Bush told us everything we should have known all along (remember picking Bolles over Reuben Foster in 2017?). Even if LB is considered a need, there will always be value in the mid rounds for a linebacker that Elway likes (or will fit the defensive scheme). I do not see Elway trying to bring in a rookie starting LB in 2020. Todd Davis has always been underrated by BCMB despite being one of the most productive tacklers for DEN for 4 years now and doing all the dirty work in terms of taking on blocks and stopping the run. The argument here is, "Who is going to stop Travis Kelce?" The problem is-- not many players (let alone defenses) in the NFL can. It would be poor coaching if Davis is assigned to do something that does not maximize his strengths, such as covering TEs downfield. And even then, he isn't a total liability in the passing game like everyone makes him out to be. Davis was excellent at containing receiving backs out of the backfield and spying on the QB.

I think losing Will Parks was one of the biggest losses for our defense (apart from CHJ of course) due to his versatility. He was crucial playing as the nickel back and sometimes lining up in the box. I like Troy Dye as a guy who can cover the seam and take on other coverage responsibilities on passing downs. I also like Akeem Davis-Gaither in that sense as well. Both prospects can rotate in on certain situations and should not be relied on heavily during their rookie years. If we are to add a LB in the draft, I would see that player being brought in to compete with Josey Jewell for defensive snaps. If we want to add a Will Parks-type of safety, I like K'Von Wallace and Antoine Brooks Jr. in the 4th-5th round. Both guys can cover nickel or provide run support/blitzing in the box.