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    How many of the next 5 picks do we actually make?

    So we got the guy we (Elway) wanted in round 1. Does Elway package some picks (Like last year) and move up to grab an additional 2nd rounder, or do we stand pat and draft 5 players in the next 3 rounds?

    Still a lot of O-line talent on the board. Obviously Tackle might not be the best value at this point, but a decent amount of inside guys left. BUT, there is still a BUNCH of secondary guys available, and all kinds of D-line guys.

    What. Do. We. Do?

    Tell me
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    I think we should make all 5 picks. I think we could use some good young talent on both sides of the ball. I also see the other side of the argument because Elway has really done a nice job with 2nd round picks the last couple of years so I don't think I would be disappointed if he traded up for another second. My preference would be to use all of the picks.

    In terms of some players, like you I am hoping for some OL talent. I would be really happy with Cleveland, Jones, Hunt, or even Niang in the second round. All of them would be good additions. I also like Bartch in the third. I hope we invest in the OL in Day 2.

    On the Defensive side of the ball it would be great if Blacklock fell to us in the second or if Jordan Elliot fell to the third. I think both are unlikely but I didn't think Jeudy would be there at 15. I also think there will be several good CBs and Safeties still on the board in the 3rd round. Would love to pick Bryce Hall and maybe a guy like Ashtyn Davis in the third round.

    I am also a fan of double dipping at WR. I would like to use a late third rounder or 4th to pick up another WR. Hopefully Bryan Edwards or Antonio Gandy Golden for example. But I would not do that until late third or 4th round. Might even wait until later than that.

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    If there are guys that the team covets, then they should move up to take their guy/guys.

    I like the idea of using all the picks but we’re not drafting for the practice squad however there are only so many roster spots to go around.

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    Elway talked about wanting to add around 9 or 10 undrafted guys. I think we will see a lot of maneuvering in rounds 2 and 3

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    Classic quality vs quantity argument.

    - Moving up will cost them the 2nd and a 3rd ( unless just a couple spots)
    - Adding a 2nd costs them at least two 3rds ( likely leaving the end of the 3rd #95)
    - Staying with all 5 picks sees a lot of quality players taken before and after #46.

    How they approach it will reveal a lot today. My preference is to keep the picks and fill some holes.
    - Oline in the 2nd.
    - 3rd: some combo of oline, CB, (x2?), LB
    - 4th: DT or LB or secondary

    Later rds as needed due to earlier picks WR, DT, OT, secondary, pass rusher

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    Quote Originally Posted by JvDub95 View Post
    Elway talked about wanting to add around 9 or 10 undrafted guys. I think we will see a lot of maneuvering in rounds 2 and 3
    I agree. There is value to be had according to a lot of people. Adam Shefter tweeted:

    One personnel director calls this “the deepest second round in the last 25 years.” He believes there are 20 players available tonight that could have been first-round picks; there usually are 7-10. “There will be as many starters in this round that there are in the first round.”
    I am really hoping we see the running backs come off the board in the top 15 picks of round 2, and the receivers continue to get drafted. That will push more guys down to the middle of the second where we have the ammo to jump up with those 3rd round picks to grab another high quality prospect. Coming out of today with 2 second rounders then a 3rd rounder would have us sitting pretty well. I would even entertain using a future 3rd and a 4th to jump back into the start of round 3 if the right guy gets pushed down.

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