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    Quote Originally Posted by BroncoooJohnson View Post
    We dont really need two guys that thrive in the slot. If we went with Lamb then Id be very on board with Jefferson.

    Id prefer a guy that will consistently win on the outside like Tyler Johnson or Bryan Edwards. If we go with another inside/outside guy I would prefer a burner that opens things up (like Duvernay) or a do-it-all, YAC guy (Lynn Bowden).
    I look really bad for two reasons in this post. Raiders went back to back for Edwards and Duvernay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FL BRONCO View Post
    No. We need Oline bad. We have the same 2 tackles as we did last year and it was a problem all year long. Our depth behind them isn't great either. We need a center and overall depth period. Lets see if James will even actually play this year. Every year it seems Bolles has Improved at the end of the year and many have hope the next year only to see it filled with him getting beat on the outside or looking clue less with his hands in the air after "another" holding penalty. But come this time of year, that shiny new reciever/cornerback/....... is looking great and the line will be okay. Myself, I don't believe this line will be okay until we get at the very least a future C and at least 1 Tackle. Many say James is locked in with his contract, but if he isn't playing I'd rather eat the 6 mil then give him 14 to not play next year and Bolles could very well be gone. I'd like to use at least 2 or 3 picks on OL and hopefully today at least 2 will be OL. We look good at Reciever and offensive weapons over all imo. We look good at Qb. Weak link on this O--OL.
    Shows you what I know. Good call KW. Cps when I reload.
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