I guess I am meh on the draft. Love a few of the picks, but for some reason there is just can't buy into all of the draft grades praise the Broncos are getting. So with that said, here is a re-draft that I did using only the players that were taken after the Broncos pick, and only in that round. The only exception was the 5th since we picked so late. Would this have been better?

1. WR Jerry Jeudy - no change there, love this pick.
2. CB Jaylon Johnson - I would not have picked Hamler with Johnson there at a position of need.
3. C Matt Henessy - I heard this was the Broncos preference over Cushenberry
4. WR Devin Duvernay - better hands than Hamler and almost just as quick
5. T Matt Peart - Suprised the Broncos didn't address T in the draft. Peart would eventually be our starting LT.
6. LB Troy Dye - Another position ignored by the Broncos. Dye is better than Strnd.
7. T/OG Hakeem Adeniji - 4 year starter to provide quality depth at T or G
8. DT Bravion Roy - at this point just looking for depth at DT
9. WR Tyrie Cleveland - no change here given how late the pick is.
10. DE Derrek Tuszka - same

Is it too soon for a re-draft, maybe but had a few minutes before my next work Zoom meeting.