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    Quote Originally Posted by flosstein View Post
    I hate that late Monday night game. It's absolutely pointless.
    I'm also on the East Coast. I always take the next day off when the Raiders play a primetime game. I book it waaay in advance lol.

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    My head always want to go to strength of schedule...but SOS is usually only relevant after the year ends, not before. Injuries, reversing trends, even lucky bounces change everything.

    Should be great!

    Lots of "intriguing" games from this perspective.

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    Jesus, why are we always the last game on opening week?

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    Welp no excuses for Lock playing a soft schedule.

    Chiefs and Saints back to back.

    This schedule is tough.

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    Week 11-17..........i tell you what

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    At KC late still sucks but all in all I think it's doable?? I like it

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    Wk Date Opponent Time (MT) TV
    1 9/14/2020 vs. Tennessee Titans (MNF) 8:10 PM ESPN
    2 9/20/2020 at Pittsburgh Steelers 11:00 AM CBS
    3 9/27/2020 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2:25 PM FOX
    4 10/1/2020 at New York Jets (TNF) 6:20 PM FOX
    5 10/11/2020 at New England Patriots 11:00 AM CBS
    6 10/18/2020 vs. Miami Dolphins 2:05 PM CBS
    7 10/25/2020 vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2:25 PM CBS
    8 11/1/2020 BYE
    9 11/8/2020 at Atlanta Falcons 11:00 AM CBS
    10 11/15/2020 at Las Vegas Raiders 2:25 PM CBS
    11 11/22/2020 vs. Los Angeles Chargers 2:05 PM CBS
    12 11/29/2020 vs. New Orleans Saints 2:05 PM CBS
    13 12/6/2020 at Kansas City Chiefs (SNF) 6:20 PM NBC
    14 12/13/2020 at Carolina Panthers 11:00 AM CBS
    15 12/19-20/2020 vs. Buffalo Bills TBD
    16 12/26-27/2020 at Los Angeles Chargers TBD
    17 1/3/2021 vs. Las Vegas Raiders 2:25 PM CBS

    Other than the midseason BYE, I don't like it very much.

    Late Monday (blecch) against the Titans, a brutal test for the new O before they can even gel.
    East coast game @Jets on the short week,
    my FOX station will prioritize the Cowpies @Seabags on Sept. 27th over the Broncos/Bucs match,
    and then we're @Arrowhead in friggin' Dec again and on primetime.

    Who made this thing, Andy Reid?
    Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016

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    We'll see what happens? Hopefully 7 or 8 wins?
    If we are good maybe 9 wins?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa-pwn View Post
    Wk 1 v Titans (MNF)
    Wk 2 @ Steelers
    Wk 3 v Buccs
    Wk 4 @ Jets (TNF)
    Wk 5 @ Pats
    Wk 6 v Dolphins
    Wk 7 v Chiefs
    Wk 8 BYE
    Wk 9 @ Falcons
    Wk 10 @ Raiders
    Wk 11 v Chargers
    Wk 12 v Saints
    Wk 13 @ Chiefs (SNF)
    Wk 14 @ Panthers
    Wk 15 v Bills
    Wk 16 @ Chargers
    Wk 17 v Raiders

    Really not bad. Love the week 8 bye.
    Wk 1 v Titans (MNF) W
    Wk 2 @ Steelers L
    Wk 3 v Buccs L
    Wk 4 @ Jets (TNF) W
    Wk 5 @ Pats W
    Wk 6 v Dolphins W
    Wk 7 v Chiefs L
    Wk 8 BYE
    Wk 9 @ Falcons W
    Wk 10 @ Raiders L
    Wk 11 v Chargers W
    Wk 12 v Saints L
    Wk 13 @ Chiefs (SNF) W
    Wk 14 @ Panthers W
    Wk 15 v Bills W
    Wk 16 @ Chargers W
    Wk 17 v Raiders W

    10-6 I think

    Hooray, beer!

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    Interesting they built the schedule so they can change it. they've built it so they can start the season on any given week while being able to tuck the missed games in at the end of the schedule. And every week 2 game pairing is between teams that share a bye week, so they can gain some flexibility there.

    Hopefully they don't need those contingencies, but it's interesting to hear how they built them in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastic View Post
    This is fantastic! Haha.
    Eternal Broncos Optimist

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    With or without orange and blue glasses, one has to wonder why they would give the Broncos MNF to open the season, especially at home.

    I guess itís a good sign that even the league believes in Drew Lock.
    Negs are Cowardly Acts of Nonsense. I wonít Back Down.
    No Matter How Stupid Your Comments Are!
    Still Not Backing Down!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megalodon30 View Post
    This is fantastic! Haha.
    Agreed.Now what 80s/90s Us Sitcom is the tune from?Name escapes me.Was it the one with John Stamos and the Olsen twins?

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncolee View Post
    With or without orange and blue glasses, one has to wonder why they would give the Broncos MNF to open the season, especially at home.

    I guess itís a good sign that even the league believes in Drew Lock.
    There seems to be a certain level of intrigue building, nationally, concerning the offseason Elway and his team had.

    Transitioning to an offense more suited for Lock, adding more-than-just-solid vets like Gordon, Glasgow, Bouye, Casey, and then orchestrating one of the more well-regarded drafts, league-wide, raised everyone's eyebrows.

    Denver has a chance to do some big things, and it largely depends on Lock's development and ability to take advantage of the team put in place around him. With two primetime games, and one game against the Bradyneers, in the first month, the league is giving him and rhe team an opportunity to make a name for themselves early on.

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