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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny_Quest View Post
    Because 5th year options don't offer much savings under the new CB unless you have a truly amazing player?

    Bolles is a passable left tackle. Might even start to look fairly good next year with all the new pieces on offense.
    I am not sure it is the savings why people would use it but the chance to lock down a really good player

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    Quote Originally Posted by haciendadad View Post
    Ok, if you want to just count penalties in general, here is a new link to see where Bolles compares. He got 10 penalties and is 10th on this list with notable names ahead of him, and he is tied with 11 players who also got 10 penalties.

    I don't understand the hate. I did the fact check to see the stats and I just don't know why he the #1 player all Broncos want to see him gone. I'd be able to understand it if everyone would just say "I just don't like the guy", then I'd get it but at least now you know why Elway is still willing to take a chance with him and not give up on him just yet.
    Bolles had 3 holding penalties that were declined by the other team. So he would go from 10 to 13. As for the eyes lying, that man can't keep his hips square to the line of scrimmage to save his life. You can watch tape and see it. He turns his hips almost immediately, almost every time. That's terrible technique. So make excuses if you want, he's not good. And if Elway REALLY believed in him, he would have picked up his 5th year option. He did not. Bolles is there for 1 more year and that's it.
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