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Thread: Mcd or VJ

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    I understand why mcd was hired. He had a resume of success. I don't understand why VJ was hired at all. There was (is) nothing on his resume that suggested he would be a good HC and it seems his hiring was based purely on perceived potential.

    But VJ at least seemed like a good guy. Mcd really lost me when he paraded the assistant coaches in Bowlen's office and scolded them in front of Pat. You add on the cheating, the losing and that he didn't keep his word with the Colts all those year later AND the Pats getting busted again for cheating (just announced...they lost a 3rd) and mcd has shown consistently he is who he is.

    I'm taking VJ.

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    That's like asking Stage 4 cancer or massive coronary event.

    Neither are really appealing.

    Would you rather step on a solid turd, or liquid? Again...not really great...

    I'm just so glad we don't have to worry about them on our team anymore and I'm pretty happy with Fangio.

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    This is like asking who has the prettiest car at the crash up derby....

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