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    We will agree to disagree on this, I think Davis is a hustler, but I think he is already overpaid for what he offers. I Would take Mathews with his knowledge and talent over Davis's age any day of the week and I think we would have improved our linebacking core for now and the future because of it.
    Fair enough I guess. For context though, Davis is the 23rd highest-paid inside linebacker in the league with around 5 million per season going his way. Inside linebackers have become the quarterback of free agency lately as well as the demand is high, but the supply is limited. You won't find any upgrades outside of the first round over Davis in most draft classes either, it's a tough position to find. Beast had a better point on how Matthews could help us here in a rotational role on the edge, he would actually offer value there.

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    He would have to come cheap for us to even consider. We don't have much wiggle room right now with the cap

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    He turned us down, but still not out of the question....$$$$$$

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    After rejecting Denver, Clay Matthews, with his golden locks, is dead to me.

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