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    i know it was neither teams best game, but they had to have played their best. there is a difference ya know. I dont think any player in the NFL plays below their best. sometimes it just neutral out though. We did the best we could and so did the chiefs. if they didnt, id be more mad at that than the fact that we lost. being on my side though, it sure did seem like the refs were making sure they got the win. i seen vermeil talkin to the ref at halftime..........
    dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

    I tried to warn ya.

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    Originally posted by Mer
    oooh no. There is no way that was the Chief's best game.

    Nor would it have been Denver's if Plummer had stayed healthy.
    No, it wasn't KC's best. But Denver helped make sure that it wasn't KC's best. Nor was it Plummer's and the Broncos' best game for similar reasons.

    Good teams playing each other tend to make each other look not quite as good as against lesser opponents. KC whomping on Houston or Cleveland might have been their best games but you have to credit the poor opposition for making the Chiefs look better.

    Despite some of my fellow Broncos fans' opinions, I think the Chiefs are obviously a very good team this year. When we play again, neither team is likely to have their "best game." But if your opponent is worthy, you shouldn't have your best game and there's no reason to claim your team wasn't playing to its capabilities. It's just a credit to better competition.

    (This is the third time I've had to enter this because the server kept freezing on me. Argh!)

    It looks like Lava had the same idea above...

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