i think the chiefs are a good team this year. they are not undefeated material tho. granted i think they could go undfeated this year. they are getting lucky. in 3 for their nine games they got lucky. the baltimore game, the denver game, and green bay game.

baltimore: got a nice kick return by Dante hall in the final minutes of the game. granted hall is a great kick return and that was not luck that he returned it. but if KC is so good why did they have to rely on a kick return in the final minutes of the game? and baltimore is not that good this year at all.

Denver: now denver should have one that game big. but they made some mistakes. and plummer was not 100%. but once again relyed on hall for a kick return. why denver kicked it to him in the first place is a question in its self. then u ask how many clips happened on the return? TWO.

green bay: the overtime game. anderson had a field goal blocked. then on the first time the packers got the ball green fell back to college and fumbled it. and KC happened to get another chance.

there are only two game that KC can lose the rest of the year. One the Vikings. and two the KC denver rematch. with a heathy plummer it will only be up to the battered defense of denver to step up. otherwise if kc gets past those two game they are all but home free with a undefeated reg. season.

and dont get me wrong im not a chief fan