After seeing him in person i have to say that all of the hype around his 40 time and his extra weight is pretty much just that. he has gotten down to 234 and he is much quicker than most people think, not only that we have to admit that he has some of the same attributes that TD has...great hip swerve, a great burst in the hole, great vision and much like TD he is not fast but very quick and very agile just what fits into our scheme. i admit that when we first drafted him i was in huge doubt of his work ethic but now that he is working with Dayne and Anderson his attitude has changed and his work ethic has vastly improved. and now that Kubiak has gotten him to become a downhill runner instead of one that waits for his hole to open he can use the his powerful leg-drive to blast into the secondary. dont get me wrong i dont think he will have 60 or 70 yard runs but he can be just like Anderson was a couple of years ago and have several runs that go for 30-40 yards which we could use. we cannot expect to get that type of consistancy from Bell because he lacks the power to run inside and insists upon getting away from his blockers...that has been his problem since he started at OSU. Clarett can and will learn from Anderson and the fact that he will be lead blocking for Clarett he will quickly find out that mike knows what he is doing. While Clarett may have a lot of questions about his past habits and off the field problems but he also has the potential to be one of the great backs in the league as long as he learns from his past mistakes and continues to use the work ethic that Mike and Ron have gotten him hooked on.