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    I agree with you Amigo Bronco about waiting to see how things shape up. A lot of people thought we needed another DL in the draft and now the staff bring in a Vet instead of drafting one. Will just have to wait to see how wise this was. Like most offseason moves.

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    the denver rotation on the line will be great brown and engleberger are speed guys that get to the qb along with Ebenzer well be able to keep fresh guys that can get to the qb this is making the loss of hawyard a distant memory ... although trading middlebrooks could end up hurting them .being that it was the other questionable roster spot i think the deffensive line should help make up for it ...but i am with yall with the wait and see

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    Well, we're stacked at CB.

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    And then we've got a whole horde of rookie CBs. OUr first three draft picks are healthy, speed demons and obviously Shanny and Coyer have seen enough of them to warrant unloading Willie who has had too many health problems. He could've made it at safety IMO but we have 5 decent safeties. So in the end there's no room...I guess Shanny wants as many D-linemen as he possibly can have for preseason, because it is the key area this year in particular.

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    I don't know if this has been posted, but there is a pretty good piece about it at here.
    It is quite a long page, and you will need to go about 2/3 the way down to find it.


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