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Thread: Depth @ RB

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    Depth @ RB

    It may just be me, but I think the Broncos have WAY too many running backs/full backs: Tatum Bell, Ron Dayne, Mike Anderson, Quentin Griffin, Maurice Clarett, Cecil Sapp, Kyle Johnson, Kris Briggs, Brandon Miree....

    Just how many are the Broncos gonna keep? I think signing Ron Dayne was a peculiar decision, when they already got guys like Bell, Anderson, Griffin, and they drafted Clarett.

    Oh, and Cecil should start @ FB
    Just a CSU opinion on the issue...
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    You're right. There are too many RBs/FBs in the roster right now. Shanahan knows it, and more importantly, the players know it. So, they know that their jobs is at stake in every practice and they will go out to bite. I thin that's the reason for having many backs right now. Besides, last season taught us that there isn't something like "too many RBs".

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    I don't the pace we go through RB's we might start the season with 7 and end up with 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilen
    I don't the pace we go through RB's we might start the season with 7 and end up with 3.
    LOL! Yep.. I second that one!
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