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First off...."coach" aren't the gaps usually numbered, not lettered with the 1 and 2 gap being on either side of the center.....3 and 4 being between guard and tackle....etc. There is no reason to attack someone here because they are not a coach. This is a Denver Broncos FAN FORUM!! That means that my next door neighbor's grandma or my bosses granddaughter, neither of who have ever played organized football, much less coached, can join this board and discuss the Broncos if the so choose. You're not impressing anyone by trying to talk down jr.

The fact that you call Quentin Griffin "bug" is very disparaging, and I'd bet my savings account that you wouldn't call him that to his face. He IS A BRONCO. Whether or not you want him to start or feel he can do so, you should support him if you are a true fan. If he had serious character flaws, held out and missed camp, slapped your momma, then I could understand you not liking him and childishly calling him names. IF you are a true Broncos fan, get off his back and hope he can contribute as long as he's on the roster.

Judging by your nick I might assume that you're a Longhorn fan, which could mean that just the mention of the name Quentin Griffin still gives you nightmares.(6 touchdowns in one game in 2000 and 240+ yards in 2002) If that's your problem, you need to learn to let it go.

Not everyone around here agrees with jr, or top, or ravage, or me, but we all have the right to come here and discuss, debate, or just plain cheer for the Broncos.

first of all mrsolo they are numbered that way...on the defesive side of the ball DUHHH.
2..I never attacked him just pointed things out till he ?ed my credibility...just like you are attacking me. and you are not immpressing me. it is a forum and when people say things that someone does'nt like you type what you feel...just like you.

3 its not a character flaw with Q,(happy now) it is a production,fumble, flaw. And by the way this is a forum and like you said ...I HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOICE MY VIEWS.

4. I am no longhorn fan...in fact i loved it when he ripped them to shreds...but that does'nt mean I think he is the man. you need to let his college days go he was damn good in H.S. and college But he is a 3rd down back in the nfl...sorry to speak my truth...and you are right we all have the right...reread your post before you attack....the reason i call him the bug is when he runs into theline and there is no hole the d-linemen squash him..he has no power to make the possible loss a win....in space,on turf wow...does that help you understand my views on him...I hope he can help out somewhere... by the way where did your H. Trophy winning QB end up????