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    Quote Originally Posted by OBF
    Wow, 4.49! Thats faster than our starting RB (MA - 4.58), and a few of our WR ( Charlie Adams - 4.50, Devoe-4.64, RICE-4.69) I was also surprised to see that N-Jax is slower than both Alexander and Puzier at 4.66.

    Interesting, it either shows that Stephan Alexander is going to have a breakout year in our TE heavy offense, or that on the football field speed isn't everything. Take Devoe for instance on his 92 yrd TD reception on Saturday, he sure looked faster than 4.64!
    Well, you're right that speed isn't everything. As another poster (Ravage, I believe) pointed out, a person in shorts showing a slower speed in the 40 could have far faster football speed during games. (Who knows, this may be the case even with Putz?) Frankly, I was blown away with Devoe's speed.

    Anyway, back to Alexander: He didn't go to the Pro Bowl over nothing, did he?


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    Todd Devoe

    Let me assist.

    I watched Todd play for two years in college and have followed him thru NFL Europe and through several training camps. His is an incredible young man and very genuine. Regarding his speed...

    He is not super fast out of the blocks but when he gets up to "top-end" speed, he's as fast as anyone in the NFL. That should help explain his 4.64 (which I believe is a random 40 speed anyway); he's more like a 4.4 depending on the day. You can't take a single 40 time and label a guy. Todd is VERY FAST in full gear and if he gets behind a defender, it's all over. He can catch on the run as well as anyone and can really "go up" and get a pass over a D-Back.

    Again, once up to top speed, he is really flying...!

    He is a serious long ball threat...

    Again, hope this helps...

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