Clarett sure is a hot topic on PFT...I guess we will see how it all turns out and see just how credible these guys' sources are.



As it turns out, T.O. isn't the only guy who might be faking a groin injury.

A league source tells us that Broncos rookie running back Maurice Clarett's groin injury is, in reality, a response by Clarett to the fact that he was stuck at the bottom of the depth chart at tailback.

Mo-Clo's reasoning (tortured as it may be) is that he can't earn the incentives in that stoopid no-bonus contract if he isn't getting touches on Sundays, and that he can't get touches on Sundays in September and beyond if he isn't getting reps with the ones in training camp and preseason.

So his grand plan, per the source, is to cajole the team into cutting him, in the hopes that he'll end up somewhere else . . . as the starter.

If Clarett were to be released, he'd first pass through waivers, giving every team a crack at picking up the rights to his current contract. So in order to get paid beyond his $230,000 salary, he'd have to get to the top of the depth chart in his new town.

But that presumes he'll even get out of Denver. As our own Len Lasagna reported on Thursday, the Broncos eventually will put Clarett on injured reserve, squirreling him away for the 2005 season.

Whether that means Clarett gets a chance to win the starting gig in 2006 remains to be seen. We're hearing that Clarett is even more turdish in camp than the run-of-the-mill Bronco turd-jobs, and our guess is that the team eventually will tire of his routine.

When they do, of course, they'll be acknowledging that Coach Teflon's propensity for finding diamonds in the dregs of the draft had temporarily gone on hiatus when they handed in the card at the last pick in round three with Clarett's name on it.