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    If you have doubles of the 2004 Set...

    i'm trying to collect the entire 2004 set and would like your guys' help. My best bet is to trade one 2005 duplicate for a bunch from the '04 set I don't have.
    Here's who's on my need list:
    Reuben Droughns, Jake Plummer, Quentin Girffin, Al Wilson, Kenoy Kennedy, Lenny Walls, Trevor Pryce, Marco Coleman, Roc Alexander, Ben Hamilton, Monsanto Pope, Donnie Spragan, Cooper Carlisle, Patrick Hape, Kelly Herndon, Dan Neil, Garrison Hearst, Jashon Sykes, Micah Knorr, Reggie Hayward, Ellis Johnson, Willie Middlebrooks, Matt Lepsis, Mario Fatafehi, Danny Kanell, Raylee Johnson, Triandos Luke, Terry Pierce, Anton Palepoi.

    I have a possible trade with Snk16 that would lighten what I need, I will update as I get them.

    And also everyone that's interested, I'm almost done with the eCards, they'll be released on gamday this Sunday before the Broncos game.
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    I have some doubles of 2004 you can have

    I have some doubles of the 2004 cards that you can have they are: Garrison Hearst, Matt Lepsis, Danny Kanell and Triandos Luke. I've never traded/given away cards before so youll have to tell me how to do it and they're yours.
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