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    CSU Who?...Navy puts up 51?

    Wasn't to surprized at this as I know our D coordinator is terrible. If he is still around next year I think that says a lot about CSU and how far they really want to take their football progaram. I am disgusted.

    Why did Mc'D get rid of Hillis?

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    UMmmmmmmmmmmm...This Navy senior class was possibly the most talented in the schools history.

    Navy IS that good. No shame in losing to them.

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    Glad you're starting to see things my way Conrad... I don't wanna get too down on CSU though, we have our own demons to exocise here in a few days. At least you beat Air Force, losing to 2 military institutions in the same season can't bode well for a program.

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    I am not to mad about loosing to Navy, I am just dissapointed in how bad our pass defense played. I just hope that our defense gets better, because right now we have a horrible defense that can't stop anybody.

    Look on the bright side CSU, at least the gifts were cool. They got watches, Ipod mini's, $250, new shoes, and they got free hats and stuff like that.

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    Had a good laugh today at work.
    Our customer service guy was waiting on a fella with a CSU sweatshirt on.
    My guy said something to the tune of < boy, your guys sure got their butts whipped by Navy, huh?>

    As the fella's paying for his purchase, he says >yeah....I PLAY safety for CSU>

    ...ya coulda heard a pin drop.
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