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    Quote Originally Posted by Spice 1 View Post
    No sir. I just like psychology. Never even got my degree. lol. sure fooled me!!

    Seriously, I am talking to my wife about going to see it. She says maybe do that "seniors" thing and go for a pm showing. Mind you, it's not quite as fun to go to a movie when it's half empty. The good news....less "talkers".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spice 1 View Post
    It's different than Ledger's Joker. It's not the paradigm of what the Joker character is in media. Which is basically what Ledger's Joker was, albeit a really, really good one. The nihilism is there, but Phoenix's portrayal is an origin story that's more psychologically driven. Ledger's Joker was a "super" villain mastermind who saw the futility of society. Phoenix's Joker is more about a fragile outcast getting to that point. It's painfully honest, and I think most of that comes from Phoenix. There's some tragic irony there, and you begin to understand why his humor comes off as crude or just not funny. Like he says, his whole life is basically a bad joke. If you like comics like Norm Macdonald, you should have an appreciation for this movie. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker does not conform, because everything is subjective. This has major moral implications, and gets to the crux of who he is.

    I'd probably give it like an 8.5. There were some things I didn't like about it, but they're not the same things as the stuff I've read. Some critics are calling it empty, meaningless, or conceited. It is a tribute to Scorsese in a lot of ways, and a lot of people hate it simply because it's a comic movie that is too similar to Taxi Driver for their taste. I think when people say that the movie has no direction, they're sort of missing the anti-conformity theme there, and getting caught up a little too much in the character's self indulgence. The way they did it wasn't exactly coherent, but I liked it a little more than most of the critics seemed to.
    I got to see it.

    You know what I find amazing about the Ledger Joker is if you break it down he only had about 20 minutes of screen time in that movie. That was a amazing performance. I actually didn't mind the Joker version in the Suicide Squad either. Leto wasn't bad at all.

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    In Pursuit of Honor.
    Starring Don Johnson as Master Sergeant John Libby.
    Most excellent movie. 20 stars.
    And yes it is a scheme problem.
    Adopted player Lindsey

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.M. View Post
    Since it wasn't a full reboot and still existed in the original trilogy continuity, they couldn't include Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, and Jean to make the original five from the comics.
    That's what makes it even worse. I'm pretty sure the first movie even mentions that Scott, Jean, Hank, Bobby and Warren were the first five. At least, it definitely makes it obvious that Scott and Jean were part of the first class. The original series messed up by making Bobby and Warren way younger than they should have been, mostly to force the stupid relationship story line between Bobby and Marie which isn't even a thing in the comics.

    They tried to compensate by bringing in Alex for First Class, but that made it worse since everyone knows Alex is younger than Scott and that made no sense.


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    The Fuzz on Amazon Prime. A puppet/human spoof on Scarface and other movies. This was much better than the Melissa McCarthy puppet movie. 4/5 stars.

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