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    Quote Originally Posted by BVP
    He had a TD against Buffalo, but I think that was his only catch. I am not sure though.
    He caught a 22 yarder from Jake yesterday and he was in on goalline play that sprung TB for his first td of the day. I also recall seeing him several other times throughout the second half.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChampion
    two catches don't earn you more playing time, however successfully blocking an outstanding pass rusher(Shawne Merrimen) on 2 or 3 occasions 1 on 1 could get you more playing time
    He'll earn his PT in the offseason. I don't know how he'll turn out but no one can deny he has tremendous upside. I just wish they could work on his speed. If they could take that 4.72 that he's listed as down to a 4.6 then he would be a force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChampion
    two catches don't earn you more playing time, however successfully blocking an outstanding pass rusher(Shawne Merrimen) on 2 or 3 occasions 1 on 1 could get you more playing time
    Very true. The first thing I like out of my tightends is blocking. And he did do a good job of that yesterday.
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    Congrats To The Broncos

    I know that the season isn't over, but i just want to congradulate the team for a great regular season. i know we have to focus on the playoffs, but that's in two weeks, and i just want to congratulate everything that this team did despite the "horrible" browncos, nick fergusan over kenoy, 3 cbs in the draft, etc.

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    Apparently so, it has been said that Jeb is a horrible blocker. Duke had a very nice catch, I wish they would have thrown to him a little more.
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    I was rather impressed with him. He had a good catch and he did a nice job at blocking. It will be nice if he keeps it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WABronco
    Slot WR!?!?!? Lol, he'd be a huge slot receiver! I dunno 'bout that though, he was blocking pretty well vs. SD.

    Anyways, he was in for most of the game after Putz got jacked for the 38th time this year, damn....Poor Jeb...
    Yeah, what's up with Putz getting the crap knocked out of him every time he touches the ball. He's like the unluckiest guy in the league when it comes to that. I guess part of it is that on many of his routes, he's asked to stand there as a check down, so he's easier to hit than a moving target. Still, I really feel sorry for him out there.

    And yeah, Duke was really run-blocking well. I saw that he even got in the way of Merriman's bull rush and withstood it once in pass protection. I though blocking would be his weakness with his weight and lack of football experience, but it's looking like a strength.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyFav
    I dont think we need to use him more because Jeb is doing just fine
    I like both Jeb Putzier and Stephen Alexander, they are very dependable and they always come through for us.
    But at the same time, they arent exactly pro bowl caliber. Its not like we actually need them to be. But when you a potential like the one we have in Wesley Duke, we need to over look the homerisim and let this kid play. It very important in his development.

    Im sure someone had the same to about Shannon Sharpe and Vance Johnson.
    " We dont need to let sharpe play, Vance is doing a good job"

    He also has a very tremdous upside when it comes to the running game, I dont know if anyone has noticed, but he was like a brick wall out there yesterday during running schemes. Thats why he will soon be starting and why hes been thrown into the mix so early. If he didnt have the talent, he wouldnt be in there
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superchop7
    Ashley takes halves off all the time.
    Ouch... haven't been able to see all the games but I don't think whole halves.. maybe a quater?...

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    DJ Williams, John Lynch, Champ Bailey , and Sam Brandon had great games

    Tater usually got stuffed when he ran

    Cox and foxworth also played pretty good

    elam missed a usually automatic easy kick

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