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    I don't know if it was the worse, but I have seen better.
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    I still don't understand why there wasn't more Mo-Town related performers! I mean come on, YOUR IN DETROIT!! The halftime show should have had all the Mo-Town greats, not a bunch of 90 year old has-beens trying to act like teenagers again. The NFL really screwed up on this one.

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    I thought it was HILARIOUS.

    Mick Jagger looked more "coked" out than Kate Moss at a modeling show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaws
    So let me get this straight, those of you who did not like them did you not like them because they were crap or because they were old?

    Last time I looked it's not a crime to be old is it?

    Personally I thought they were ok, not brilliant but not as crap as some of you make out.

    I enjoyed Aretha singing the national anthem. Yeah she only had half the voice she used to have when she was younger but still she has way more talent than a lot of the fake "stars" coming up today. I thought Stevie Wonder was pretty good as well.
    they just sucked, simple as that. . . . i've been to reggae shows with artists like culture and burning spear who were in their sixties and were just fantastic, so i don't discriminate by age (or anything else!)-- if they had someone who was young and crappy, i wouldn't have liked it any better. . . and i'm bummed, i missed stevie wonder, one of my favorite performers and the only one i really wanted to see.

    i thought they could have gotten martha reeves to sing the anthem-- she's still got a good voice and probably wouldn't have over-dramatized it quite as much. . . and aaron neville was freakin' atrocious!! a couple of ball boys or security guys could have put on a less offensive performance-- one of the most butchered renditions of the anthem that i have ever heard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snk16
    I just enjoyed watching Keith Richards play the guitar. He looked high when he played it. I was just laughing like crazy.

    --- When did you see Keith "play" the guitar ? --- Ron was playing the guitar ---
    --- All those awful out of key sounds that hurt my ears were Keith's efforts ---
    --- Most of the time he was just holding on to the guitar, trying to get into a camera shot with Mick !!!

    --- Keith is veg !!!


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