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Thread: Playoff Summary

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    Playoff Summary

    My take on the playoffs.

    Overall I was disapointed this year. Sure we made the AFC Championship, but even if we don't usually there are some great games to watch. What did I see this year?

    Refs swayed the games on 5 different occasions, or at least tried to.

    Colts and Steelers were a big one
    Steelers and Seahawks were another.

    You know it is bad when my cousin who doesnt even like football notices the refs are wrong. I didnt care who won this game as long as it was a fair game between to good teams, I was let down badly.

    Your thoughts?

    Also: If this was a sign of things to come I will be very turned off of football come next fall.
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    I can't tell if you are saying the refs swayed the games intentionally one direction or another. Others have stated that many times.

    I think anyone that thinks the refs are intentionally leaning one way or another is seriously delusional. It's sort of like all the people saying the NFL was doing everything they could to get manning to the SB or a few years back when the conspiracy nuts were whining that the NBA and refs were putting the Lakers in the championship game for ratings, etc.

    I will admit that there were some horrible calls this playoff run, but they were not intentional. Just like the way QB's make stupid throws, WR's drop passes, and CBs try and pickup too much ground after a pick and wind up fumbling, refs sometimes make mistakes.
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