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Well, it doesn't look like the Broncos are getting either one so you don't have to worry about it!

1. Trading down out of the first round means no move up to #5 or #6. i.e. NO Vernon Davis!

2. Unless the Packers want Lelie for Walker Lelie isn't going anywhere this year. Just because his agent wants a trade and he's staying away from the voluntary workouts to try and force a trade doesn't mean that Shanahan will trade him!

That would create a hole at #2 WR.

And now ESPN is reporting that LenDale White will be Denver's pick at #15. LINK

So, it's probably LenDale White, then a TE with one of the #2 picks.

At least White will get on the field in his rookie year if he's any good.

But, using a #15 pick on a RB is too high in my view. I'd rather see some other player taken. Unfortunately, it seems to be down to Chad Jackson, White or somebody who unexpectedly slips.

My money's on White now.

Just maybe Mikey will trade down some more, so we don't have to take a RB that is hurt, NO Wait he has a habit of doing that.

OR a WR that won't start until Rod retires or be worth having on the field until 2007.

NO he has history of doing that also.

Hooked, screwed and tattooed AGAIN. Mikey is gonna slip us the fid once again.