The fox sports website quotes Bellicheck as saying he'd never give a star like Graham up for Lelie.

Not to dig on Jake, but Shannahan's game plan last season was "Jake, just don't blow it" Plummer wasn't to take the risky passes and that directly cut into Lelie's production.

With Cutler in the wings, either QB has a huge incentive to perform better which should increase WR production. We all hope Rod Smith could play another eight years, but the reality is that the #1 WR job is likely to change hands in a year or two.

Lelie has all the physical talent to be a #1. With improved QB play and enough talent at WR, Denver could have an unstoppable offense. Talent alone does not get you very far though. To be an effective weapon in the NFL, one must also put in the physical work, film/mental homework, and practice.

If Lelie was willing to put in the time and effort, Denver could have the type of offense it had with Rod, EdMac, and Shannon or several others like Raiders at Gannon's prime, STL at Warner's prime, or Colts of today. Lelie could play the part that pushes this team into the special category.

Shannahan hasn't motivated many players well and probably blew it with the way he handled Lelie. If Lelie could be convinced that now is his chance to prove he is #1 quality WR and earn the big bucks for years to come. Otherwise, he could end up a kennison at best.