On draft day the Broncos tried to move up to the 8th spot where the Buffalo was picking and at that time Lienart and Cutler were available. It is no secret that Mike Shanahan and the Broncos had coveted Matt Lienart last year and were hoping the RedSkin pick would allow them to get him this year if Washington did bad, but unfortunately Washington won many game and did not give Denver the top ten pick but instead the 22nd. Of course through some terrific fanagling the Broncos were able to get the 15 pick, and as a result move to 11 and pick Jay Cutler.

So my question to you is who did the Broncos want when tried to move up to the 8th spot and let's say Buffalo gave them that pick, who would have they took?

Matt Lienart was touted as the next Joe Montana in many circles, who knows how good he really will be.

Some people think Cutler will be better than all of them, but who did the Broncos really want?