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    All you need to know about the "Contributor Status" feature

    This thread is updated as of 5/30/2013

    --This thread is consistently updated as new information is learned

    Figured I'd make this to help everybody out.

    CP--Also known as a Contributor Point. You can click the sheriff's badge in the upper
    right hand corner of a post if you think it was good, or contributed in a positive way for the forums. You could also give points to posts that helped you. This adds a point/points to that user's CP level.

    To view your Contributor Points, or the CP given to you, click on settings and look in the middle of the screen.

    --You start out with 0 CP points

    --You can give out 5 CP in 24 hours.

    --After giving one user a Contributor Point, you have to give 10 other users before giving the same member another point.

    Note: This is not a recommendation, it's how the system is set up.
    Many members have asked about adjusting the system so that if they go weeks without giving, they can give the same user again, but that will more than likely never be the case.

    The system is set up to be spread around equally to reward good posts across the message board. Whether you go weeks or not without giving them, you still must give to 10 other users before you give the same person again.

    Points given out
    --Here's how many points you add to that users Contributor Status every time you click the white scale for a good post.

    You start off giving one point once you have gained 50 CP points total. Until that time, the CP you give out show up as comments to that user, but don't effect their total.

    For every four full years you have been here, another point is added to the original one, and for every 1800 points you've earned, another point is added.

    So for a member who signed up 1/26/08 and 1807 points......... Four years time on January 26, 2012, their CP would gain one additional point. When he reached 1800 cp that's another point, plus the one additional point you got to start with at 50 means your CP would be worth 3 points.

    Random CP info: Every few years, the CP system is adjusted to account for inflation of one's CP giving power, so this info is subject to change.

    The Football Field

    There are 10 levels you can move up through while you're a member here. For each new level, you get a first down, moving across the football field under your username in each post. For example, a benchwarmer would move from the goal line to the 10, a special teamer from the 10 to the 20, etc.

    The bar underneath your name: This tracks your progress through the ranks in a way similar to the old orange bar method. I'm actually not entirely sure how it works, but if you get the equivalent of the full 11 bars from before the update, your tracker will look like mine. That's as much as I know for now...

    The Levels--
    Every new member starts out with the title/level of Practice Squad

    To become a Benchwarmer, you need 100 CP....

    To become a Special teamer, you need 250 CP

    To make it to the Locker Room/Starter, you need 500 CP

    Locker Room note
    500 CP gets you entrance into the locker room and political and religious discussion forums. You may not see it right away after you become a starter, and if that's the case, try exiting and reopening your internet browser, or restart your computer. If that doesn't work, give it a couple hours and you'll see it.

    To make it to the Playmaker level, you need 1000 CP

    To make it to Captain level, you need 1750 CP

    To make it to All-Pro level, you need 2,750 CP

    To make it to Ring of Famer level, you need 4,000 CP.

    To make it to the Hall of Fame you need 5500 CP

    To make it as an All Time Great you need 7250 CP

    To make it to the 10th and final level, a Football Immortal you need 10,000 CP


    Bench: Can tag own threads, others threads, PM box expands to 70, profile picture of 100x100 allowed, allowed a sig image, 2 lines in the sig, can create a photo album, can edit fonts, have your birthday viewable on the bottom of the home screen, can post visitor messages on other people's profiles.
    Signature size allowed 300x90

    Special Teams: Larger avatar (100x100), can upload group icons

    Starter: Locker Room Forum (Only members with 500+ CP can view this forum), P&R forum, get tags for your username, allowed to create a custom user title (yes this is now a perk).
    Signature size increases to 400x120

    Playmaker: Ability to browse forums in "invisible mode", PM box expanded to 125, ability to track messages, signature image size extended, can upload more pictures in their album, more lines allowed in sig, can create up to 1 social group

    Captain: Profile picture of 200x200, ability to send 10 PMs at a time, Avatar width of 120x120, can edit font size, can delete their own group

    All-Pro: bigger PM box (150), additional image allowed in sig, can create 2 groups

    Ring Of Famer: Bigger PM Box (200 PMs)
    Bigger Signature image (500x120)
    Additional line in sig allowed
    Additional pictures allowed in album (75)

    Hall of Famer: Can send PMs to up to 15 people, can deny PM receipts, bigger avatar (150x150), ability to send Negative CPs, can create another group, bonus hidden feature

    All-Time Great:

    Bigger PM Inbox (250 messages)

    Football Immortal: Signature size of 500x150, bonus hidden feature.

    Other Notes:

    When you write someone a CP comment, they can't see who it's from. Unless you want the CP to be annonymous, sign it. Most people like to see who they're from.

    For example, Leave a comment like this: Great thread, I love the article!--User101.

    How to check others CP

    You can't check other peoples CP counts, but you can sort users by their CP rank.

    Go to Member list, and sort by Contributor Status. It's hyperlinked. It sorts users from most CP to least.

    Grey CP: A grey contributor point does not affect your total. It is given by members who have not yet earned the privilege of affecting people's CP count, so their CP is just the message.

    Negative CPs

    Some users have earned the right to give out negative contributor points. These are members who have reached a certain amount of CP where this feature is unlocked.

    Negative CP are just like normal CP, you can only give 5 Negative OR Positive CP a day, you have to give 15 others before giving the same user a negative or positive again, the only difference is this; They count for half as much as normal CP rounded down. So if you could give out 4 positive CP, you would give out 2 negative CP. If you could give 5, you would still give out 2 negative. (1/2 of 5 is 2.5, rounded down is 2.)

    The way this system was designed if someone wants to give you a negative CP and not sign it, they are entitled to. Complaining about Negative CP or someone not signing it is not recommended because that'll tend to frustrate many members. So what could be a complaint about one negative CP could wind up being a complaint about 10 more.

    How to know if you got negative CP

    In your User CP, CP with a yellow/orangish bar next to it means it's positive, CP with a red bar next to it means it's negative.

    For more info:

    Check out these links:

    The FAQ, updated 10/27/2010

    If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in this thread, or send me a PM.
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