I love this guy... I am a Detroit Lions fan and maybe a Broncos fan this year because of the signing of David Kircus. He reminds me of Joe Jurivicous from Seattle, but previously in Tampa Bay and New York, where I saw him and was awstruck.

David Kircus has the same potential. There was a game on where the Lions were playing the Cowboys and Joey Harrington underthrew a 20yard pass, David came back into coverage, made an amazing catch, broke the tackle, and within two steps was galloping to the endzone. After that game, Roy Williams came off the injured list and David was forced to the bench and off the team at the end of the season.

The Broncos made two great moves in Javon Walker and David Kircus. With the existing player aging and not doing very well for Jake, maybe this new wave and the drafting of Cutler can Boost the Broncos into the playoffs.

Plus.... David Kircus is a hottie.