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Here is the scouting report on Mike Bell: This comes straight from a collection of scouts in the NFL! Please read and be happy that he is a BRONCO! He will start at RB if given a fair shot in preseason!!!

PROS: Insanely fast and explosive -the most underated running back in the draft because of his size. Very Smart and great pass catching ability. Late 3rd or early 4th rounder. Ranked 7th RB of all rookie RB in the draft. With the right cast could be very dangerous

CONS: His size.

OVERALL: Excellent player on a terrible team for 4 years and still racked championship calliber yardage. Will be an impact player alot sooner than other big names. In football circles he is well liked and a great player.
He is not insanly fast.. maybe with short bursts.. and has a lot more cons then anything. He just needs work..

He gets tracked down very easy because of his lack of top end speed..

Need a new source.. He just needs a little wwork look for him to go to NFLE next year and be on practice squad