I'm sure as Denver fans you know one of our prime weaknesses was the pass rush. We ranked second to last with only the 49ers below us, that is sad in today's NFL. The Seahawks led the league in sacks I believe, and thats why they are in the superbowl and we are not.

Our line could not get pressure and as Big Ben sat in the pocket, he picked apart our absent defense who has shown up once in the playoffs since Plummer has taken the lead.

Our current line up consists of:
RE: Courtney Brown
WDE: Michael Myers (Dumervil on Nickel packages)
SDE: Gerrard Warren
LE: Ebenzer Ekuban

I could be wrong on the ends, but those guys look like the starters as far as last year goes. Those guys didn't cut it last year, maybe it was the roadblocking scheme, maybe it was their lack of ability that got them their ticket out of cleveland in the first place. This year is the year our line is going to use the Browncos to get pressure themselves. If it works, hallelujah. I doubt it will work as they have tried to get pressure together, and only Ekuban did a decent job of it that one year with 8 sacks. Granted he was injured, if that's the best they may have, I'm surely not optimistic they can improve drastically enough to have a 10 sack+ performer emerge. Corey Jackson or Dumervil could do it, but I doubt it. They sound good, but I don't see them emerging with 10 sacks their first year on the Broncos.

Luckily for us, all hope may not be lost! Lelie is still tradable and could snag us a live pass rusher if we throw in a pick, Hayward maybe, even if he's not being shopped, I so wish we could have him back. We still most likely will get the draft pick or runningback out of Lelie though, as far as it looks now.

If all else fails there is another possibility. Dwight Freeney.

Call me crazy, but imagine this guy on our line? There goes our pass rush problems.

Currently, he is in the last year of his contract and has not been resigned yet by Indianapolis. This situation comes after Robert Mathis, a surprise sack artist from the 5th round, landed a huge contract.

I don't even need to say how much of a proven pass rusher he is, double digit sacks the last four years since he has been in the NFL, a career high 16 last year.

I was just thinking, since the Colts might not resign him due to cap space. He wants to be the highest paid defensive player in the league I hear. The Colts might not keep him given that ultimatum. He may be a valuable player on their defense, but the price may be too high for him to be retained.

Many teams would be vying for his services in the Free Agency, but his large payment will drive several suitors away. We might not be the most cap free team, as are close to breaking even salary wise, we were only like 10.7 something million before the draft and Javon Walker's huge contract.

Signing some of our rookies will also take some cap blows and we could see around 3 million to 7 million free cap space.

Here is my thinking on how I think it should play out.

The Browncos will unfortunately not pan out, we made an effort, but only Warren deserves to stay unless Ekuban or another person steps it up and gets some sacks. Ekuban is in the last year of his contract and could be let go. Courtney Brown could be let go if he underperforms again. Rod or Lynch could retire, and while a sad and solemn blow to talent would free up cap space, but no need to rush those guys. Keep playin' hard. If they pan out, lets try actually keeping the guy who gets the sacks.... otherwise...

We shed the browncos and Lelie so that we can pick Freeney in the Free agency. This is all reliant on if he is released and what our cap condition is. If our guys can't step up and he is released, Shanahan would be foolish to not consider his ability to help us.