View Poll Results: Which AFC team poses the biggest challenge to the Broncos?

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  • Colts

    24 31.58%
  • Patriots

    3 3.95%
  • Steelers

    12 15.79%
  • Bengals

    4 5.26%
  • Chargers

    1 1.32%
  • Chiefs

    17 22.37%
  • Dolphins

    6 7.89%
  • Ravens

    9 11.84%
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    Which AFC team poses the biggest challenge to the Broncos?

    They were running this on 950 The Fan. I thought it would be fun to see what Broncomania thinks about the question...

    Feel free to explain your vote.

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    nice double post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigal19
    nice double post
    I deleted the other one. Sorry about that.

    Feel free to vote.

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    Thanks for deleting my post. But the cheifs are.

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    The colts.
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    I think it's the Colts. Until we can play them in reg. season or playoffs and win, this is a monkey that is hanging on our back. It will be interesting this season with the Edge gone. I'm sure Peyton will make up for it.
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    The Broncos themselves man. . . own worst enemies. Jake Plummer.

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    To me it's the steelers.
    We didn't play the Colts last year, but i feel we would have had a better shot at beating them in the playoffs last year than pittsburgh.

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    Oops - I voted Chiefs - I read the thread title way too fast and I thought that it said "Which AFC West team poses the biggest challenge"

    I am retarded

    Now that I know what the thread is really about - I say the Patriots....

    Without Edge the Colts won't be the same....

    The Steelers are going to be tough, but not the team we faced in last years AFC Championship game....

    The Jags will be tough - as will the Bengals (depending on Palmer) - ditto with the Dolphins and Culpepper....

    I say that the Patriots are going to be our main competition this year....

    But that's just my humble opinion....

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncos_mtnman
    They were running this on 950 The Fan. I thought it would be fun to see what Broncomania thinks about the question...

    Feel free to explain your vote.

    The Broncos and the Dolphins are going to meet in this years playoffs. When that game is over you will have your answer.

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    I'd say the Ravens.

    McNair > Boller (x10) [Boller is about 5x as bad as you, mtnman, say Jake is, and that says something!]

    The Receivers are good in Mason, Clayton and Heap, who is healthy again.

    Pryce > Anthony Weaver.

    Ray Lewis is back. He's not what he was in his prime, but he's alot better than Bart Scott.

    Ed Reed will likely be playing this game too. He didn't play in our last game, as I recall.

    If Jamal can get his head back in the game, we are going to face a tough running game, if not him, Anderson could step in and provide a worthy opponent.

    Combine that for the Ravens tendancy to usually beat us (we only beat them bv 2 points last year in a defensive shoot out) and they pose quite a challenge.

    Provided that McNair can last 4 games against rushers that will eat Ogden alive like:

    Simeon Rice
    Derrick Burgess
    Willie McGinnest
    Shawn Merriman

    We are not going to have the guy who tripped over himself, got up, and then threw an interception in the same play. Nor will we face the guy who dropped the ball while scrambling, with nobody near him at all... A healthy McNair will be quite a foe.

    We are in for a tough home game, probably the toughest all year. Monday Night football rematch against Pryce and Anderson, will be quite a game.

    So yeh, I think it's the Ravens.

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    i really think its the colts, but i voted the chefs.

    ans the only reason i did that is because we have to play them twice.

    i hate it but they are going to be pretty good: Unless eddie "quiter" kennison leaves, then they have zero WR's and we can pretty much jam the run.

    oh i hope that happens, i love shutting down players who get all the hype (lj,lt,to)

    ooooooh that feels sooo good!

    ok enough of my little footballgasm.

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    I agree with you Lorcust.

    R. Lewis and Reed didn't play when we played them last year and that was our lowest scoring game.

    If McNair is still healthy by week 5, this could even be a tougher game for us than it was last year.

    I voted Ravens.

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    In the long term look of things, then as always the Colts,
    But in the immediate way of looking at it, the Cheifs.
    They are improved this year, and since the AFC is always so close for playoff spots, the only sure way in is winning the division. Playing the Cheifs twice if you lose them both then the Broncos could have a hard time winning the West. I'd be much happier with the sure thing spot winning the division than relying on other teams.
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    It's weird, I think the Colts are the biggest threat, but I also think will be down a little from last year. They lost Edge and it's so hard to replicate such a great year like they had in 2005. I'm glad we are playing them at home because I cringe thinking about playing them in Indy again.

    Anyway, below is how I think each team will be compared to how they performed last year. Oh, and just because I say "WORSE", it doesn't mean I think they will be bad this year. All the teams on this list are playoff calibur IMO.

    Colts: WORSE
    Patriots: SAME
    Steelers: WORSE
    Bengals: SAME
    Chargers: WORSE
    Chiefs: BETTER
    Dolphins: BETTER
    Ravens: BETTER
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