Broncos | Shanahan impressed with M. Bell
Sun, 30 Jul 2006 11:24:13 -0700

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan said Sunday, July 30, he is impressed with Broncos' rookie RB Mike Bell. "Mike's having a heck of a camp. He really has stepped up and has been very impressive. A lot of players see him making plays that they haven't seen for awhile. He's right in the mix."
I don't want to brag, but this should show you guys what I'm reporting is legit. I also suggest you compare my notes against this source:

The man reporting for footballguys has done a great job and is the only report appart from SoCalBroncos that seems to be reporting the same things that I'm seeing. He has a sideline pass too, so that gives him an edge with some angles and whatnot. It's certainly jives more with what I've been saying about the running backs than the total fiction this person invented on Tatum Bell:

RB: Tatum Bell was the rave of Day 1. Bell looked noticeably bigger and was in great condition. Bell ran exclusively with the first team and looked even more explosive than ever. He consistently ripped huge gains through the middle and outran defnders to the corner before cutting upfield for what would have easily been 10-15 yard gains. While Bell was focused and modest, you could see an air of confidence and swagger to him...something apparently Mike Shanahan liked because several people overheard him go up to Tatum Bell and ask him if he's ready to run for 1600. Bell was seen joking around with Plummer and Rod Smith as the second team got their reps. Ron Dayne looked solid, but unspectacular. Dayne ran with the second team and performed ok, had a case of fumbilitis for a while, but pulled himself together to finish the practice well.
Bell was not the exclusive first team back, got hardly any reps on Tuesday, was not wowing the crowd, and Shanahan certainly wasn't pimping him during practice. Everyone is close enough that half the time you can hear what the coaches are saying. There are other problems with this faux report like him mentioning Dayne fumbiling all the time. There's been two fubles total at camp since yesterday and they were other backs. Don't believe everything you read, folks.