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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaylore
    That seems to be a characteristic particularly strong to this board. There's a lot of player-first people here.

    Personally I've never been a fan of screen names that use players names - especially ones that aren't retired or haven't played the majority of their career here because they could very likely play the majority of their career for another team like the Raiders and then you look stupid, not to mention it's kind of unoriginal.

    The worst (or maybe best) example was the guy who wanted Kellen Winslow Jr. so bad that he made that his screen name before the draft. Then the kid not only ended up on the browns but turned out to a be a royal ******-bag. I haven't seen the guy since, but I couldn't help but laugh at how no one took him seriously because of his screen name. Soldja!!!!!
    Ya. You may not be popular with some here for saying that. But I hear ya. I might frequent the OM more but I kill enough time here as it is.

    BTW Thanks for all you, SoCal, and others are doing to give us such great reports. You guys are truly the bomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLUMMERFAN16
    I just want to see us have a RB that can get it done play after play, the way TD and Portis did while they were here. This RBBC thing worked last year, but it would be nice to have one guy tote the rock that isn't one dimensional.
    I agree. I have posted that very same thing numerous times on this board. The point about being a player fan over team fan, is the number of posts that are wishing players other than a poster's 'favorite' actually do bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PLUMMERFAN16
    I'm with you on the underdog comment. That's why I'm rooting for Mike Bell AND Ron Dayne. Tatum is said to have all this talent, but he can't put it together so I'm rooting for our "less talented" RBs to succeed. I just personally see Mike "The Beast" Bell as giving that combination of racking up consistent yardage and big play potential due to his size and quickness. I own cardboard of ALL of our RBs('cept Marty Johnson)so let the best man win.*cough*Mike Bell*cough*
    Not accroding to the reports by the locals. From what I'm reading the Bell twins are doing the best job while Dayne has been indecisive the past couple of days.
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    Thanks Snk16

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