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    Shanahan didn't seem to mind Trevor running his mouth.

    There would be another not- so-veiled swipe at Shanahan.

    "I came from something that could get pretty hairy at times, even with all the winning," said Pryce, who added that any misstep would tend to draw the wrath of the Denver coach. "You took a wrong step, forget missing a tackle ..."

    Responded Shanahan: "That was a compliment to me. I get on him for taking a wrong step? I take that as a compliment."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronic_Toker
    Saw a reference to this in another thread, so I looked it up...pretty interesting.


    Defensive end Trevor Pryce, who played nine seasons with the Denver Broncos before being released during the offseason, took swipes at his former club after practice Tuesday with the Baltimore Ravens.
    "They're actually putting me in positions where you can try to make a play instead of the blocking dummies that the D-line ... became last year for Denver," Pryce said.

    He also said, "For the first time in a long time, I think I'm happy to be playing football."

    He said one reason for that was the relationship between the Ravens players and coaches. "I came from something that could get pretty hairy at times ... even with all the winning," he said. "Just the way the coaches and everybody is the same here. It's not an us-vs.-them kind of mentality ... where you know if you do something wrong, you know it's going to be hell to pay no matter what it was. You took a wrong step, forget missing a tackle. ... The coaches (in Baltimore) I think want to help you. They feel part of it, too."

    ....going from a perennial winner and structured team to a losing team with no structure....

    .....what a lucky guy.....

    I hope he has the worst season he's ever had and the crows go winless....
    "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
    tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of

    -- Samuel Adams

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    "I'll take that as a compliment". What did Pryce expect? A coach can say whatever it takes to motivate a player making that much money. I sure hope Trevor didn't get his feelings hurt.

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    The rule normally is "you don't bite the hand that feeds you". Now I realize that Pryce is not at Denver anymore because Denver decided not to pay him what he was wanting.

    Another rule is "don't burn your bridges". There have been several players that left Denver even in contract disputes but did not criticize the organization and actually have come back to Denver and done quite well after they came back. (Sharpe, Gold, and Burns come to mind.) Trevor whether his statements were correct or not decided to focus on the negative about Denver and not the positive.

    He did have a lot to be positive about. Did he now enjoy the success of the Super bowls? Did he not get paid and get the best of care when he hurt his back?Did he not play for one of the best organizations in professional football since he was drafted?

    Instead Pryce decided to dwell on the negative... Well he will not be one who comes back to Denver with shouts of welcome from the crowd. I am sure he will be booed when he comes back to Invesco field.
    Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12

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    Trevor was always one of my favorite players but the NFL is a business and there is a salary cap. If you get only 2 sacks in like 2 years and draw 2mil or whatever his salary was then obviously that shiat just dont add up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bronx_2003
    shanny is liked by the players but more importantly he is respected. he is the leader of this football team and has to act like it. he NEEDS to be tough if a player makes a mistake, thats why our team has disipline and is tough.....and wins so many games.

    this is a SERIOUS ball club who wants to win and shanny always gives us a chance to do that. we prepare for success and for the superbowl.

    when i see a HC who is too friendly with his players he looks WEAK and normally is at a LOSING franchise as they have no direction. NORV TURNER was a great example at the raiders. you think his players feared or respected him?
    I agree but a better example is Wade Philippes when he coached here in Denver.
    Bradley Chubb has an Aaron Donald type ability to disrupt and wreck games!

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