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    8/7 AM Training Camp Updata-via OrangeMane!

    Ok well you've already heard the news, but I'll break down all the roster moves I saw.

    Obviously Warren wasn't there today. Rod and Javon didn't practice. Rod was on the field but I didn't see Javon. He might be rehabbing or something.

    Defense: Nothing new. Dumervil still on the second team, but is part of the rotation as is other guys

    RB:Mike Bell is first team, Tatum spilts with first and second and Dayne played exclusively on the second team. Cobbs is third. Kyle Johnson is first string again, Powers-Neal got some work on the third team.

    QB's: Jake is first team, Cutler is second team, BVP third and Parsons fourth.

    WR: Rod, Javon, Marshall, Watts, Terrell, Kircus, Devoe, Clark, Adams. (The last four might wrong because they rotated them in and out a lot even in move the ball drills but I'm pretty sure the first half of that list is right.)

    TE's: Alexander, Scheffler, Mustard, Leach, Jackson. Alexander and Mustard were the plow-horse package and Shefter and Jackson were the passing package. Mustard, Scheffler, and Alexander all got work on the first team.

    There wasn't a whole lot different than prior reports in terms of how they're playing so I'll try and break down things that were different. Gotta say that the entire team looked a little sluggish today. Coming off the day off and whatnot probably wasn't the most exciting thing going on. Anyway let's get started with wideouts.

    Marshall: He made some nice plays. He's working on the first team, which is a good sign. He wasn't standing out as much but hung in on the first team.

    Watts: He had a good day, made some nice catches and even got bumped a little bit and hung on. I think he did have one drop, though.

    Devoe: He caught a great lazer pass from Cutler on what looked like a post pattern. He was moving his arms around more freely and I the trainers talking to him and making him swing his arm around. Looks like he's feeling much better.

    Kircus: He's fun to watch. A real speedster and his flexibility and elusiveness really help him make some cool catches. Good day today.

    Clark: I think he plays very well. He'll probably be a practice squad guy but there is a lot of potential in him. He just needs some experience.

    Tight ends:

    Mustard: He blocks like a man beast. He's really an excellent blocker and if they ever convert him to tackle, he'd be a great fit in our system ala- Matt Lepsis.

    Scheffler: He has really improved in his run blocking. His pass blocking is coming more slowly but he is drawing high praise from Brewster. He sealed of the edge on one run and Brewster was really getting excited about it. Pass blocking - needs quite a bit of work.

    Nate Jackson: Made some nice grabs and showed ability to get sepperation. The only bad thing I saw him do was Brewster was in his ear all morning for blocking and not puting his face into the block.

    Running Backs

    Mike Bell: Made some great cuts and still the best fit for our system. Shows some ability to stay balanced after contact. The contact was minimal today, but he still cuts back and reads the hole the best. What amazes me is his ability to run lateral with the line and when the hole opens and cuts back into it, there is so much burst through the hole. It's hard when think of the physics of it because you have to stop momentum and generate enough burst going the other way to get through the hole.

    Tatum: He's doing better. Little steps and still has that home run capability. When there is wall to move though, he's not going to move it. He doesn't have the driving power that Mike Bell or our fullbacks have.

    Next is QB's.

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    Jake: He is the same as he was. No change. Had a couple guys deep and couldn't hit them. He completed on throw to the corner down field that probably would have been picked off or blown up the receiver had Hamzah Abduallh played it right. Deep cover two and the safety just missed. Scarry play.

    Jay: Had some struggles on third down today but had some throws where he opened it up a bit. He's really starting to take some shots down field. He had a guy (think it was Terrell) deep down the sideline but over-threw him. His natural accuracy is probably the best of the current QB's.

    BVP: He actually played like a man losing his job. Made some great throws in the redzone and gave a terrific effort overall. He's really trying and I saw him talking to Heimerdinger in between reps. You can't fault the kid's heart.

    Parsons: I think he's great...for a back up. Doesn't make a lot of bad throws and manages the game well.


    I didn't get a great look, so I'll just keep it kind of brief.

    Preasure was good today. They had some sacks. DJ had one on a blitz. It's getting more and more difficult to block him and it's never bad seeing that. The D-line was "ok" but not great. I still don't think we're going to scare anybody with out front four alone.

    Secondary: They played so-so. There were a lot of completions and no interceptions (that I saw). Fox got beat by Kircus when Kircus just outjumped him for a ball. Other than that, pretty solid.

    General things: They fumble drills today. Offense practiced recovering and and covering up the ball and defens practiced forcing fumbles and tip dirlls. It was cool because I've never seen them do that too much.

    I'm excited to see how things play out this week, but it looks like Shanny saw a lot of what we did.

    I got back to work this week so my reports will be more occational from here on out.


    Thanks again, Kahn!
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    Thanks for the update.

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    I hope Rod is feeling better.

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    Great to hear that Mike Bell is doing well with the first teamers. Keep it up bro...

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    Thanks for the update!!!
    It sounds like Mike Bell is really going to be an impact player for us, and I am looking forward to seeing him in live game situations and taking a look for myself.

    The QBs seem to not be doing as good as you might want, but I think that will work itself out in the end.

    Thanks Again!!
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